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Training Without Barriers

O wheel® is a special wheelchair that allows people with disabilities to train using the most common machinery available in gyms, hotels and rehabilitation centers.

Innovative Design

Thanks to his innovative design made in Italy registered at the European Union, O wheel® permits to disabled to perform a series of exercises that until today were precluded due to the structure of the equipment available into gyms, hotels and the most of the rehabilitation centers.

Professional Tool

O wheel® isn’t the classic wheelchair for private use, it’s a professional tool designed to be available to the customer in centers. Every exercise that the user will perform with O wheel®, must be followed rigorously by the staff room.

Technical Sheet

O wheel® wheelchair is designed to help professional people that work with disabled providing to their center (gyms, hotels, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, etc.) a useful tool that permit to the customer to do exercises with different professional gym machineries.


O wheel® is available in different colors and customizable on request.

Safety Belt

The safety belt allows the user to be secure on the chair during the exercises.


The seat is upholstered in eco leather and it’s adjustable in height from a minimum of 40 cm to a maximum of 60 cm.


Placed on the left and right they adjust the height of the seat.


Designed to block the wheel during the exercises.

Below the seat

The part underneath the seat is covered with a soft material, in order to avoid ruining the machinery seat in case the user gets too close.

Empty space

The part below the seat, differently from the classic wheelchair, is empty. This permits the O wheel® to wedge on the seat of existent machineries.


The rear wheels are 22-inch steering wheels, while the front ones are 7-inch.

O wheel® can be used in synergy with a lot o fitness machineries actually in market: Lat Machine, Pec Deck, Pulley, Shoulder press, Pectoral Machine, Chest Press, Panca Scott, Low row, Vertical row, Arm curl, Pullover, Rowing and more.

The Concept

Unaccessible facilities

The real deterrent against disabilities resides in empowerment of what is available. A disabled, athletes or an aficionado has often the necessity to enhance his body. Unfortunately not all the gyms, hotels and other appropriate places to do fitness are suitable for this kind of customer.

New opportunities

O wheel® has as its purpose of helping disabled to use machinery to which until now they had no access, furthermore it’s a perfect solution for gym owners, sport center, hotels, hospitals, rehabilitation centers to gain an extra income, engaging new customers.

Made by italian artisans

O wheel® is crafted by hand by skilled artisans in Italy, this makes each wheelchair incredibly resistant and unique in its kind.

No modification to existing machineries

O wheel® is an opportunity for gyms, hotels and rehabilitation centers to expand their offer and to access new clients, otherwise precluded, without the necessity to modify their machineries or buy new one.

The number of disabilities in Italy

The estimates about population disabilities point that this condition affects around 4.36 million people, of which 2.6 million had an age greater than 65 and live in the south regions (source ISTAT). Reading this cold data we can realize the seriousness of the situation around us, but that very often we’re unable to see. O wheel® wants to be the first step to knock over the fitness barriers for the people with disabilities.

Available in different colors

O wheel® is available in different colors (yellow, green, orange, burgundy, black) or, on demand, it’s possible to customize the aspect. The materials are carefully chosen, considering the need for resistance and at the same time comfort in use. With its weight of 70 kg it’s a stable and safe tool for any type of exercise.

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History of the project O wheel®

The idea was born in 2019 when the magazine “LA PALESTRA” (the free bimonthly that since 2005 is the point of reference for all the gym owners) started to debate about the topic of disabilities. The editor, Cesare Salgaro, realized that, especially in Italy, we’re far behind on the removal of the barriers that the people with disabilities have to deal with every day. The idea was immediately to create a tool that could be used with most of the machines currently present in gyms: from the idea to the creation of the first prototype the path was not simple. Thanks to the consultancy of a team of engineers, the friend Tony Fumagalli of the Fitness Studio and of the Officine Foresto we’ve realized the first prototype, then we spoke to those who live with disabilities in first person daily to receive feedback and advice: we have finally come to the first marketable model and following the engineering of the production, which by choice, we have decided to be artisanal.

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